At Jones Swanson, we’ve put together a team of attorneys with a wide array of interests and backgrounds—not only in litigation, but also in science, government service, international relations and business. We enjoy working on big, complex cases that involve multiple claims, and we’ve built our reputation by winning them.

From our home office in New Orleans, we’ve successfully opposed some of the world’s most powerful companies. We’ve represented entrepreneurs when big corporations tried to steal their ideas. We’ve represented the City of New Orleans in a dispute with the world’s largest financial firm. After the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster, we obtained a temporary restraining order against BP to protect the claims of local fishermen, and we worked with other law firms to file a motion to compel BP to set aside $20 billion in an escrow fund for potential commercial claimants. We’ve sued the country’s largest owners and servicers of student loans to force them to cease collections of private student loans that we claimed were discharged in bankruptcy, and received an important ruling from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in a case we brought against Navient Solutions, LLC, formerly Sallie Mae, that the loans at issue are indeed dischargeable. We won class certification at the United States Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in a matter we brought against NextGear Capital, the largest independent inventory finance company in North America, on behalf of a class of used automobile dealers we claim were overcharged interest on their automobile finance plans. We’ve also brought a class action and requested class certification for Louisiana residents and property owners who suffered physical and economic damage as a result of the catastrophic failure of the Hard Rock Hotel Construction Site in New Orleans in October 2019.

Jones Swanson often collaborates with other law firms, as we’ve found this approach to be an extremely effective way to serve our clients. In 2016, we decided to create an alliance with the New Orleans-based Fishman Haygood, when we launched a joint practice in international arbitration.

Even as our practice expands worldwide, however, we continue to value our work and relationships in Louisiana, where our firm started, and where we are all active members of the community. Jones Swanson’s environmental practice is rooted in Louisiana’s unique history, in which a 100-year-old oil and gas industry has supported the state’s economy, but has also harmed the land and the people who depend on it for their livelihood. Jones Swanson has long represented private landowners seeking remediation of contamination left after decades of oil and gas activities on their properties. Since 2013, Jones Swanson has also represented state and local authorities, as well as private landowners, in pioneering litigation against oil, gas and pipeline companies that have contributed to Louisiana’s land loss crisis.


Jones Swanson by the numbers

  • 11 attorneys
  • 5 states and 2 countries of origin
  • $150+ million in awards for clients
  • US News & World Report “Best Law Firms in Louisiana” first-tier ranking, 2017
  • 1 former Executive Counsel to the Governor of Louisiana
  • 4 university lecturers
  • 12 board memberships
  • 1 wildlife scientist
  • 1 chemical and microbiological scientist
  • 1 former U.S. Air Force captain
  • 1 visual artist
  • 9 parents of 14 active children
  • New Orleans CityBusiness Woman of the Year, 2016