Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Land Damage and Property Rights

The firm has successfully litigated numerous cases against large oil exploration and production companies for damage to and restoration of Louisiana’s precious wetlands, navigating the shifting litigation and dispute resolution landscape under Louisiana’s Act 312. The firm has also actively been involved in many of the largest environmental cases in the United States, including the Westlake Florida groundwater litigation and the Long Island Sound lobster litigation. The firm’s environmental litigation experience, combined with its experience in commercial litigation matters, has also proved beneficial for a diverse array of clients with claims arising from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill from the BP Macondo Prospect in April 2010.
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Commercial Litigation

The firm has developed an innovative commercial litigation practice, pursuing RICO claims, as well as breach of contract, fraud, antitrust, unfair trade practices, breach of fiduciary duty, partnership disputes, wrongful foreclosure, investor fraud, defamation, and breach of good faith and various other claims on behalf of its clients.

For example, after trying to successful verdict a RICO claim based on a scheme to fraudulently induce a client of the firm to participate in sham tax shelter strategies, the firm has been retained by clients throughout the nation to analyze and pursue claims in federal courts and in arbitration against some of the nation’s largest banking institutions, law firms, and investment houses. The firm has also been involved in litigation against large investment banking entities and real estate investment trusts for alleged breaches of fiduciary duty and the duty of good faith in handling investments in growing entrepreneurial enterprises. More recently, the firm has been retained to prosecute claims of investor fraud related to the collapse of the Stanford Financial Group; to pursue claims for wrongful foreclosure on behalf of a homeowner who did not receive proper notice prior to the foreclosure; and to pursue a network of companies and affiliates for breach of contract and fraud. Read more…

Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority – East Case  

Oil, Gas and Pipeline Companies Sued for Louisiana Coastal Land Loss and Flood Risk, According to SLFPA-E

Oil, gas and pipeline companies that cut at least 10,000 miles of oil and gas canals and pipelines through Louisiana coastal lands must repair the damaged environmental buffer zone that helps protect most of the greater New Orleans region from catastrophic flooding, a lawsuit filed by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority – East (SLFPA-E) asserted.

Filed in state district court in Orleans Parish, the lawsuit alleges about 100 defendants compromised the integrity of Louisiana’s coastal lands with activities tied to hundreds of wells and pipelines, heightening risks of hurricanes, storm surge and flooding in the region. Read more…