WWL Launches Investigative Report Series, “Tainted Legacy,” Probing Circumstances Surrounding Legacy Lawsuits in Louisiana

WWL recently interviewed Gladstone Jones for the investigative report series, “Tainted Legacy.” In the articles and videos that comprise the series, WWL considers the options available to landowners whose properties have been contaminated through the activities of oil and gas as well as the circumstances and outcomes surrounding their cases. In the series’ second article, “Tainted Legacy: Wealthy and powerful vs. big oil,” Glad explains the position of his client, former Gov. Mike Foster: “He’s the governor that took away punitive damages in April of 1996, soon after he got into office […] But on behalf of his family partnership, when he discovered the damage that had been done to his property as a result of 50 years of oil and gas activities, he was left in no other position really other than to bring a lawsuit asking the oil companies to clean up the property.”
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