New Orleans City Council Resolution


Declaring that “we believe it is our duty to make our voices heard…to protect the lives and property of the people of New Orleans,” the New Orleans City Council voted unanimously on May 8 to adopt a resolution against a set of legislative bills that aim to kill a lawsuit brought by the South Louisiana Flood Protection Authority – East (SLFPAE) against 90+ oil, gas, and pipeline companies. The SLFPAE has sued for damages defendants caused to the “buffer zone” that protects the greater New Orleans area. Governor Bobby Jindal has vowed to kill the lawsuit, and has worked with oil and gas lobbyists to pass a number of bills in the legislature aimed to do so. The SLFPAE lawsuit has already survived one challenge in the courts by the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, and the Governor’s bills are overwhelmingly opposed by Louisiana citizens. Pointing out these facts, the City Council urged legislators to “respect the will of the people, the laws of this state, the judgment of a Louisiana state court, and the separation of powers upon which our government is founded,” and “let the courts decide this case.”

Click here to view a PDF of the the resolution.