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August 2, 2017

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National class action against student-loan giant Navient...Relief for class members from collection calls...Timeline of key documents...Navient class action FAQs...NY Times: Loans 'designed to fail'...Reuters: Student loan borrowers, herded into default...Bloomberg: Americans pay $38 to collect $1 of student debt...Follow Jones Swanson on Twitter!



Jones Swanson, Co-Counsel Bring Class Action Against Student Loan Giant Navient

Photo: NBC News

Case: Haas, Shahbazi, et al. v. Navient Solutions, LLC et al.

Jones Swanson has joined with six other law firms to bring a national class action lawsuit against America’s biggest student loan servicer, Navient. The suit, Evan Brian Haas, Michael Shahbazi, et al. v. Navient Solutions, LLC and Navient Credit Finance Corporation, alleges that Navient has “engaged in a massive effort to defraud student debtors” across the country by misrepresenting whether their loans can be “discharged,” or erased, in bankruptcy. 

Read Jones Swanson's case description

The Navient case: A timeline of key documents


Relief for class members from Navient collection calls


The Navient class action case: FAQs


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Photo: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

The New York Times / Loans 'designed to fail': States say Navient preyed on students

Ashley Hardin dreamed of being a professional photographer—glamorous shoots, perhaps some exotic travel. So in 2006, she enrolled in the Brooks Institute of Photography and borrowed more than $150,000 to pay for what the school described as a pathway into an industry clamoring for its graduates...

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Reuters / Student loan borrowers, herded into default

The Education Department and its loan servicers, many of them accused of steering debtors away from affordable repayment plans, are clawing back billions of dollars by going after wages, tax refunds and even Social Security benefits...

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Bloomberg / Americans are paying $38 to collect $1 of student debt

The federal government has, in recent years, paid debt collectors close to $1 billion annually to help distressed borrowers climb out of default and scrounge up regular monthly payments. New government figures suggest much of that money may have been wasted…

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