JSH&G listed as ‘Highly Recommended’

Legal Media Group’s Benchmark Litigation publication has long compiled a consensus recommendation, by state, of “Recommended” and “Highly Recommended” law firms, as well as an identification of “Litigation Stars” in each market. Recently, LMG published a Benchmark Plaintiff listing of consensus recommendations for firms providing predominantly plaintiff-oriented legal services. In Louisiana, Jones, Swanson, Huddell & Garrison was one of only four firms to receive the “Highly Recommended” designation. Additionally, two of JSH&G’s partners, Gladstone Jones and Lynn Swanson, were named to the listing of “Litigation Stars” in Louisiana.

The publication quotes a firm competitor as characterizing JSH&G: “They take on the challenges and fight the fight.” In another quote from a competitor, Benchmark Plaintiff reports the assessment that “Jones Swanson has done some big plaintiffs work in the last couple years. … Gladstone Jones is the star.”

In addition to the new accolade in Benchmark Plaintiff, JSH&G also maintains its “Recommended” label in the general Benchmark Litigation listing.