Six questions regarding Brexit

Brexit: What now?

Citizens of the United Kingdom shocked the world last Thursday when they voted to leave the European Union. Overnight, global markets tanked, London lost its place as the financial gateway to the EU, and international trade treaties were thrown into doubt. Now, legal and financial experts all over the world are struggling to answer a wide range of urgent questions that, as yet, have no clear answers. The following are six of the questions — as well as some preliminary answers — that we at Jones Swanson are currently tracking.


What role will law firms play as Brexit unfolds?
Legal scholars discuss how thoroughly intertwined EU law and UK law have become, and how they might be separated.
Law firms weigh in about mergers and acquisitions that may be put on hold, possible lay-offs at US law firms that have UK offices.
Brexit’s legal implications — what’s known, and what’s not yet known (a lot). 


How might Brexit affect international arbitration cases?
Macro-level and micro-level repercussions of Brexit on international arbitration.
Brexit happened when arbitration in London was already facing external and internal challenges.


How might Brexit affect international trade agreements?
How Brexit could affect international trade deals for the UK and other countries around the world.
Graphic explanation showing how Brexit might affect trade of specific goods. Includes “A beginner’s guide to tariff data.”
Survey of trade deals affected by Brexit.


How might Brexit affect international financial markets? US markets?
A survey of Brexit effects on US financial markets.
After coming out of a trough earlier this year, US commodities were vulnerable.
How Brexit has affected international bond markets.


How might Brexit affect businesses around the world? In the US? In Louisiana?
A discussion of what happens when the UK is no longer the gateway to the EU for international business.
Post-Brexit losses in the airline industry.
Brexit effects on banks, automakers, airlines, the housing market.
The oil industry takes a hit, but experts expect it to balance out. What to watch.
How Brexit might affect Louisiana’s economy. 


What are the next steps in Brexit, and when will they happen?
An explanation of the legal mechanism by which the UK must leave the EU.
With UK leaders stalling and most EU leaders calling for immediate withdrawal, the situation could get nasty very quickly.