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Core Values 

Intelligent Solutions
Jones Swanson offers serious solutions to its clients. The small, tight-knit group of attorneys has created an atmosphere of open collaboration. Free-flowing discussion throughout the firm often results in multiple potential courses of action, from which the best solution is chosen. Jones Swanson has been named one of only four “highly recommended” firms in Louisiana on the Benchmark Litigation listing of plaintiff’s firms.

Dedicated Advocates

Jones Swanson has attracted a dedicated group of advocates. The firm has a highly focused practice, with smart, talented lawyers who hold excellent credentials. Clients commonly provide positive feedback of their experience with the firm and have said that great attention is given to all levels of every issue, response time is quick, and that they are familiar with each individual working on their case. The firm is also actively involved in the Louisiana legislature, particularly as it relates to issues of client business. A client will get all the firm has to offer.

Energetic Representation
Jones Swanson offers energetic representation to its clients. The firm is well-known for its strength and reputation in the fields of commercial and environmental litigation. The first concern of the firm, when taking on a new case, is setting a date for trial and driving the case to that date. The attorneys at Jones Swanson enjoy the work they do and the environment in which they practice. To date, Jones Swanson has secured successful outcomes, including aggregate verdicts, in excess of $150,000,000.

Innovative Approaches
Jones Swanson employs innovative approaches. The firm uses a business model that is different from most firms. The fee structure is based on efficiency and the firm’s ability to drive a complex case to completion in an average of 18 months, with a goal of no more than 24 months. The attorneys work differently here than at other firms, typically with 80% of their time devoted to one single case. The firm takes on cases that are extremely complex, and matters that are often not wanted by other firms due to their complicated nature. Jones Swanson’s unique approach to law has been successful and a boon to its clients.